The Freedom Collection



I Want

A powerful, modern “Chypre” distinguished by its sparkling, intensely fruity profile, with a top note of blackcurrant and berries. AN unusual floral base filled with natural ingredients such as Iris, tuberose, jasmine, rose, neroli essence and finally Magnolia. The base note is a blend of modern woods, Patchouli, Vetiver and a slight Oud effect. A powerful and original fragrance.

Creator: Mark

To Break

A unisex fragrance based on essence of Ambrette and Ambergis combined with a surprising blend of Magnolia, pineapple and green apple. The heart is a mix between spices and Iris. The base note is a musky sandalwood which is associated with Ambergis. It is also the fragrance with the highest quantity of Ambrette oil and Ambergis on the market.

Creator: Mark


A fragrance which deals with incense and all its facets. The amber and resinous notes of vanilla, patchouli, benzoin and labdanum showcase incense, while the smoky and fresh notes of bergamot, frankincense and birch represent the notes of smoke as it burns. Powerful and longlasting for all free spirits.

Creator: David

Why Not A Cologne?

A cologne modernized by the introduction of a red apple, Magnolia and pineapple. The heart note is a rich floral blend over a modern woody base of teak wood and leather.

Creator: Mark

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